I am a Milwaukee-based SEO specialist with experience in both B2B and B2C industries ranging from musical instruments to industrial warehousing equipment.

As an analyst, I pride myself on developing a deep understanding of my clients’ businesses and customers, allowing me to focus on ROI-driven strategies that deliver real value to both the companies I work with and the audiences they serve.

Though many in the industry may disagree, I still believe in a content-first approach to SEO that focuses on targeted keyword research, comprehensive content build-outs, and relevant content promotion. Ultimately, while my goal is to drive search traffic to the site, I feel a job well done will drive traffic from multiple channels.

I also have an extensive background in technical SEO and have a passion for identifying code-related issues that hamper websites from ranking well in search. Odds are, if you’ve got a technical issue with your site, I’ve got the desire to find a fix for it.