Google Analytics Audits

Why should you invest in a Google Analytics audit?

For businesses that invest in digital marketing – no matter how big or small an investment – having clean, reliable data is a must for making well-informed decisions about future marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, having clean, reliable data is no easy task. Analytics tools are prone to collecting faulty or outright bad data based on poor implementation strategies, complex website designs or tracking needs, or even technical errors that prevent tracking codes from firing properly.

If you’re struggling with collecting accurate, actionable data with you analytics program, I can help. I have spent years exploring Google Analytics and training coworkers about more advanced functionality of the program. I’ve also been able to tackle (and solve) complex tracking issues, from duplicate transaction reporting to entirely busted ecommerce tracking set ups.

When I audit your Analytics account, you can expect:

  • A detailed report outlining discovered issues and steps to resolve those issues
  • A best practices document to help keep your Analytics data clean in the future
  • A one hour post-audit call to discuss the findings and next steps

Please note: For an additional fee, I can also help resolve many of the Analytics issues. However, some Analytics issues are caused by technical limitations; in those cases, a developer is best suited to resolve the issue. I will provide as comprehensive an explanation I can and, if necessary, will communicate directly with your developer to help get the issue resolved.

Want to make sure the data you have is as accurate as possible? Get in touch!